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Hear us roar at Robynmore,  established in 1984 by Principal Robyn Bond, Robynmore is a family run, elite Calisthenics club with a deep sense of pride in our welcoming and vibrant culture.

With classes held in Tullamarine, we welcome members from across Victoria, creating a safe and fun learning environment where individuals and teams thrive.

From the very young, to the very experienced, our members are trained by qualified and passionate coaches who support each child to develop confidence, friendships and a love of performing.

At its core, the Robynmore values consist of commitment, loyalty, education, fun and discipline and these values are instilled in all Robynmore members and families.

We believe fiercely in the health and well being benefits that calisthenics offers; from building strong, courageous young girls, boys and women, to inspiring leadership and a strong sense of resilience in each individual.

Visit us at our home at Bond Studios, click the link below to enrol or contact us to find out more.

'Dance is art; paint your dream and follow'



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Robynmore Performer Maggie Greenhalgh as seen on 7Two's 'This is Calisthenics'

Robynmore Principal Coach Natalie Bond (R) as seen on 7Two's 'This is Calisthenics'

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